Adipurush will bring to life the epic Ramayana on the big screen, with the help of spectacular visuals, magnanimous characters and storytelling at its finest.

Keeping the universe of the epic same, the film showcases a different approach to how the characters would interact with the elements of this universe.

The film also combines the best use of the technology available in filmmaking, giving a thrilling and unforgettable experience to the audience.

The film showcases Indian Cinema on a scale that has never been attempted by any filmmaker and never witnessed before by the global audience




Probably no other tale has been narrated with such gusto & reverence anywhere in known human history as the tale of Ramayan. It truly is a phenomenal story when it comes to capturing and explaining the myriad human emotions and behaviour through its characters.

The Ramayan is a story that transcends all religions, faiths, and beliefs and simply puts into perspective human behaviour when one has to deal with the vicissitudes that life throws at us, how we should remain ethical in the face of adversities and tragedies

Ramayana’s perennial relevance lies in the timeless values that it embodies, irrespective of its ancient setting.

The film, Adipurush, revolves around the various chapters of this epic - each with its own morals, values and iconic history. It offers the examples of its protagonists not for imitation but for inspiration and to appreciate the principles.



Movie Release date

16 June 2023